Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pretending People are Perfect.

This is a real problem I have. I hate that as a society we pretend that celebrities are perfect. They are always photo ready. Their skin doesn't have any imperfections. They're not fat. They all exercise all the time and eat healthy. They can "do it all" and never get worn out. They definitely don't get stretch marks!!!! Blah, blah, blah, so on and so on.

Courtesy of: The Huffington Post
It's a wonder that any of us can get out of bed in the morning, knowing we'll never be what we all aspire to be. It's awful that even the least vein person in the world still wishes to be a little more "perfect." We're just kind of bred this way in America. And how can we not be? Everywhere we look there are picture perfect celebrities staring right back at us. All the magazine racks are filled with them. So called reality TV is everywhere, even though we all know in our most sane minds it's not reality at all. When we open Yahoo! in the morning, the top news story is usually something completely stupid and celebrity related. I will never forget when the top story was, "Only 6 months after having a baby, Victoria's Secret model is back on the runway." GAG!!!! I know that it shouldn't make me mad, but it does. And then there was the article about Ralph Lauren's model causing outrage because she was too skinny. Well, NEWS FLASH, she was! We can't wonder why so many young girls feel the way they do when we shove this crap down their throats. It's sick and it's not real. My personal favorite, because I am covered in stretch marks or as I like to call them my tiger stripes, is that there is NEVER a picture of a mother in a pregnancy magazine that has stretch marks. I know not everyone gets them and they're very lucky. However, some people do and we shouldn't be made to feel ugly or like we have to hide them from everyone because they're an eye sore. If people didn't get them, there wouldn't be so many products marketed for them. It's superficial and makes people feel bad. Women and girls of all ages strive to make themselves fit into this idea of beauty and perfection that is unattainable, but shhh! don't tell anyone it's not real. It's just insane to me. I wish we could embrace each other for who and what we are. Even celebrities have imperfections, but we just photo shop them away and make people think they're perfect. It really is just a dangerous game. The end.


  1. Excellent post. I too am blessed with stretch marks, something that used to bother me quite a bit for all the reasons you mention here.
    Now I don't worry so much, I have a wonderful daughter and I wouldn't take that back.

  2. I agree whole heartily with every single letter you posted up there, also if I may state my opinion... stretch marks just add to the beauty of a woman they are one of those things that add to the imperfection list making her uniquely perfect in my opinion ( and no i do not mean this in a fetish kind of way!)

  3. been there done that--yep lots of those stretch marks--but i have a friend that has had 11 kids and you would never know it--just genetics--oh well, one day none of this will matter

  4. Good post. And I think it can be said not just for physical appearance but also in thoughts and feelings. We're constantly being told what is okay to think, feel, or discuss, along with how we look. How about everyone is what they are because they're not like the other 7 billion on the planet?

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