Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for NEW

There is just something about newness that is both scary and exciting. A new outfit is exciting; a new job is scary. However, I love new! I love getting new things and trying new things. I love that everyday I wake up, it's a new day filled with new possibilities. Hence the name of my blog! I am like most everyone else and find comfort in things and people I know well, but that doesn't stop me from wanting more. The more you expose yourself to, the more you grow as a person. Every new person you meet, every new experience you try, every new food you try, every new hobby you give a chance, is one more chance to grow.

Blogging is something I have thought about for a few years and I just kept writing it off as something I could never really do. I am so glad I gave it a chance! I have found so many people that I can relate to and appreciate reading their words. I love that it has given me a place to ramble and organize my thoughts. It has given me something that is all mine, a place to reflect. I was nervous to start because I didn't think anyone would read my blogs; I thought of that as failure and no one wants to fail. However, I realized is didn't matter if anyone read it, but that it was more important that I jumped the hurdle and did it for myself. That was where the real victory was.

I look forward to all the new experiences my future holds. I hope I never lose the desire to try new things and that I also think of it as something that is essential to my personal growth.


  1. i am glad you are enjoying your blogging--it can be very useful can't it :)

  2. "New" is the best.
    I share your attitude about blogging. It doesn't matter who reads it... Do it for yourself.
    Feel the VICTORY!

  3. So awesome! I am the same way. Love new and love growing. Our Blog titles are almost exactly the same! Our paths were meant to cross. I was SO scared when I started blogging, just last year...but the experience has ended up filling my soul. :-)

  4. I feel the same way about blogging. It's for me, a way to share my voice, whether people read or not. Although, it's nice to have the connection of other blogger's, I would write even if no one was interested (which might still be the case!) We're on the downslide of the A-Z challenge!