Thursday, October 11, 2012

Figuring it all out.

Walter is quickly coming up on his second birthday. People always say they grow up quick, but you don't really believe it until you're living it. The day to day doesn't necessarily go fast, but when you stop and take a moment to reflect you realize how quickly time has gone by unnoticed.  Sometimes a week seems to take forever to pass by, but then when I go to recall something that happened, " just the other day," it's really been 4 months! I'm definitely getting older... So with age and a not so little baby anymore, you start to wonder if it could be time for number 2.

I'm one of those freak of nature worry warts that worries about pretty much anything. I look at my beautiful baby boy and think to myself, of course, that he's perfect. Why would I want to press my luck? What if the second baby isn't as cute? What if I don't love them the same? What if Walter gets upset? Worst of all, what if the second baby turns out to be as horrible of a sleeper as little man? Haha! This mama really loves her sleep, so that's a real concern for me. I couldn't handle two babies not sleeping well. Then you have to wonder if you think you can really start all over from scratch again. Can I go back to those midnight feedings? Could I really balance TWO children?

So people tell me, just wait until Walter is a little bit older.  To be honest, no thank you! I don't want children much further in age than they already would be AND I don't want Walter to get all the way out of the baby phase because if he does and I don't have another one... I'm likely to say adios and never look back. With all that being said, my sister is my absolute best friend in the world and I want Walter to have a sibling so he can have that same kind of relationship. However, I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers and while I love them all very,very much, I only have that special relationship with my one sister. So, I am well aware that you can't guarantee your children will become close and remain that way forever. However, it's just such a special connection that I think, can I really take the chance of him missing out on that?

There is just so much to consider when thinking of the possibility of adding to your family. What things worry you guys or worried you when you were where I am at?


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's pumpkin season!

The good news is, that the sun came back out awhile ago and I've just been really busy enjoying my day to day that I haven't been on here much to update. ( Let alone keep up with all my favorite bloggers... please forgive me) Fall seems to be in full swing in my neck of the woods and it is my favorite season, so I've been taking it all in. I love pumpkin flavored things so I must take advantage of them while they're here. So you can see why I haven't been able to blog... I've been to busy sipping on my pumpkin coffee, while smelling my pumpkin candles & hand soaps, and enjoying my pumpkin decorations! Haha.

Walter seems to have grown up over night. He is talking up a storm and learning words left and right!  He has taken to telling me, " no way momma!" when he really doesn't want to do something and even though it's a little sassy, I still let him say it. :) He has even started eating veggies every once in awhile... thank goodness!!! I told him carrots will make him hop like a bunny, so that is going over really well.

On the home front, I have finally hung up two of the prints that I bought six months ago... So that should keep the Betty homemaker in me happy for awhile. (It's the small things people...) I have a ladder I'm going to use a bookshelf on the wall and an old pallet to turn into shelving, so I making a move in the right direction.

On a much, much sadder note... my camera broke due to no fault of mine. It's about 7 or 8 years old and I went to turn it on the other day and the screen just read lens, error please restart camera. The only problem with that is... IT WON'T RESTART! Apparently, this is a common problem in Canons... go figure. So, for now I am back to my simple point and shoot until I can afford a new DSLR. I am trying not to get to down about it, but it is frustrating. It's the first hobby that I have
taken to in adulthood and I'm missing it like crazy!

Anyway, thank you to everyone who left me a wonderful comment on my last post. I appreciate all the support and knowing that I am not the only stay at home mom who has felt this way. It is so wonderful to have a space like this to share my frustrations and get support from people that I've never met, except through their words and their own trials and tribulations. It truly is a special thing and I thank you all for reading... really, it means the world to me!