Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O is for... Obstacle Course

When I was younger, one of my favorite things to do was to see how fast I could complete an obstacle course. It could have been made from anything and it would have still sparked my interest. I am a very competitive person, so naturally obstacle courses were appealing to me. I think all kids enjoy this kind of thing, but maybe not quite as much as I did. Still to this day if I ran into a good obstacle course, it would take all I had to not give it a whirl. Chances are I would succumb to my need to compete.

There is a show my husband and I like to watch called Ninja Warrior. It is about the toughest obstacle course I have ever seen in my life. Actually, I know it to be fact that it's the hardest one I've ever laid eyes on. I am under no illusion that I could even come close to doing it. The competition takes place in Japan, but people from all over compete. They start out with 100 competitors in stage 1 and the most I've ever seen make it to stage 2 is around 10. Once they complete stage 2 they move on to stage 3, which is just pure insanity, hardly anyone makes it past stage 3. If someone does make stage three they then have to climb a pretty long rope in a short amount of time. I wish I could remember either of those specifics, but my memory is failing me and I can't find them anywhere. There have only been 3 people to complete all four stages in 27 competitions. I hope that gives you can idea of how crazy it is!

If you have a few minutes the video is entertaining and worth watching.

Lastly, life is kind of like one big obstacle course, so I'm glad I've been preparing my whole life! :)


  1. life truly is an obstacle course, that show rocks my dad watches it at hours on end it can get pretty fun ( ok ok its bad to laugh at people falling and stuff but still!)

  2. I've seen that show, it's pretty cool. I think the draw of watching these shows is that, even though our rational side knows that we could never do it, our romantic vision of ourselves tells us we could not only do it, but do it with style. I think this is why we are drawn to movies like the Hunger Games also–we want to think that we are capable of so much more than we really are. It's important to have this need [desire] though because, without it, I think we would just give up. I can watch the Biggest Loser while eating chips and think that someday I will lose the 20 lbs. I need to lose. And someday I will. As Buddy Ebsen says in The Andy Griffith Show, "Tomorrow, the greatest day ever invented, tomorrow. The best day to start any job, tomorrow. Why there's nothing a man can't do......tomorrow."

  3. omgosh---looks so so hard--i haven't seen this show before--and you are so right about the life thing--interesting post!

  4. ha! my older son would LOVE this! (and you know, so would the younger one just because the older one does)


  5. Yes, life is a big obstacle course, and the last of it can be the biggest, if one is not a Christian. I have never seen Ninja Warrior, but my grandson and I used to play Ninja Turtles when he was just a little tad. :) best regards to you. Ruby aka Grammy Nice to meetcha'. :)