Sunday, July 22, 2012

Baseball! America's Past Time.

There are few places in this world that immediately make me happy the minute I arrive. A baseball stadium just so happens to be one of those places. From the minute I walk through the big gate and start heading to my seat, I get an overwhelming feeling of joy. I love looking around at all the smiling faces of people who feel the same as I do. I enjoy seeing the families with little children, whose smiling faces could light up even the darkest space.

When you go to a baseball game or really any sporting event, you also walk into a very special community. You could find yourself passing out hugs and high fives to strangers, when on any other day the thought of doing that would be extraordinarily odd. Everyone around you is usually in a good mood and it's a sort of buzz that travels through the crowd like electricity. Where else in the world would you try to get the wave started 47,000 times and not be the least bit frustrated that it didn't make it much further than a couple sections next to you? 
"Hang On Sloopy...Sloopy Hang On"... O-H-I-O

I was lucky enough to make it to my first baseball game of the season. We were celebrating my friends 21st birthday at the Indians vs. Orioles game. The Indians didn't win, but that's okay I'm a Reds fan anyway. After the game there were fireworks, which are always a good time... but tonight they were extra awesome because they went along with Beatles music. Which, as I have said before, is my favorite band of ALL time! What more could a girl ask for on a Saturday night? Nothing.

I love when they wear the Red hat and socks combo!

Feeling Blessed.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Learning Curve. (of photography)

So, this weekend I took the first step toward becoming an accomplished photographer and wandered away from the auto setting. I am completely intimidated and overwhelmed. To be honest it feels very similar to the first day of a class that you know isn't going to be a gimme. I have always wanted to "master" photography; well for as long as I can remember anyway, but just haven't had any idea how to do it. This past winter my step-sister blessed me with her old camera. Hey, it might be old to her, but it is certainly new to me.

I am working with a Canon PowerShot S3 iS. From everything that I have read about it, it seems like I have a pretty great beginners camera. I am really excited to take a few more outings with just myself and my camera. I know the learning curve for me is going to be a pretty steep one. I feel like my head is just full of words all jumbled around that mean nothing to me. Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Field of Depth, AWB, AP Focus, Exposure, Flash Output. There are just so many new terms and values that it seems like I am trying to master string theory. Big aperture values means large field of depth and small aperture values mean small field of depth or then again maybe not. Who knows? NOT ME!  I know once I start taking pictures and keep messing with all the different settings it won't all seem like a foreign language, but right now it does. 

Anyway I thought I would put up some of the pictures I took this weekend. A lot of the bloggers I follow are also photographers, so if any of you have any advice... I surely welcome it. 

I've included some that I think worked, as well as, ones that obviously didn't. Thanks for reading!!!