Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Driving

I could say so many things about driving. I am a delivery driver part-time, I think I am a better driver than most (who doesn't?), I think driving is extremely dangerous, etc. However, I would like to stick to how driving on a warm spring day, with the windows down and the music blaring is one of my favorite things in the whole world. There is just something about the fresh air blowing in your face that kind of wakes you up and makes you feel alive. To feel the sun beat down on my skin and warm me from head to toe is something I wish I could feel every day of the year. I also love picking out the soundtrack that I am going to listen to each year as more and more days allow me to partake in this activity.

This year, I put Pandora on and blared the Golden Oldies as loud as my car would let me! There is just something about that genre of music that makes me smile. I think it's the easy listening and general optimism found in this kind of music. Easy tones, nice beats, smooth voices, and friendly lyrics are an unbeatable combination. Even the slower more sad songs are still just so beautiful! I hope that other people feel the same as I do about driving in warm, sunny weather because I have a feeling that if they do, the roads could be a safer place for everyone!

Today my nieces and nephew came over to spend the day while they're on spring break. They pretended to drive today, even though they were safely parked in the driveway. They really enjoyed themselves, as did I!


  1. I absolutely love blaring up the tunes and driving, such a soothing sensation especially with no traffic of course I also have speeding tendencies which add an extra rush, they look so cute btw!

  2. What lovely smiles the kids have! :)
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  3. It's a carload of QT pies. I know sometimes things in the van get a lil hectic and loud. "Mom! He's touching me!" "Mom! I'm hungry!" "Mom..Mom..Mom!!" But you gotta love those little faces and how you couldn't imagine your life without them. Savvy?