Sunday, April 1, 2012


This is my first year participating in the April A-Z challenge. I am not going to have a theme for my posts, they will be about ALMOST ANYTHING!! Which is, of course, where I came up with my title for my first post. Also because that's how my brain works, I usually have a million and one things running through my mind at any given moment.

I am really excited to give this a whirl because I am using my blog to help me get out of the box that I call my comfort zone. I want my daily life in April to be my inspiration for each letter. I sat around all day today, thinking of as many words as I could that began with the letter A. I thought about Aperture because I am trying to learn about photography. I thought about the word Adjective because I love the English language. I thought I could maybe give some lessons in grammar. However, I decided that a theme wasn't for me. I want to let my brain just kind of wander and stumble upon something random each day to blog about.

Now, just to show you how long I sat and thought about A words, I will share with you some words that I thought about.
Accomplishments, Activities, Admiration, Aardvark ???, Art, Axiousness, Anxiety, Abilities, Adorable, Anything, Apples, Adulthood, Age, Autocracy, and the list goes on. So I settled on, chose, Almost Anything because, as you can see, that's how my brain works.

Over and Out... here's to B!


  1. There's always a lot going on in my head too.

  2. Thanks for stopping by today. I had to force myself to focus on a theme or I would be all over the place. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for the visit, I'm returning your way. I admire your ability to go with Almost Anything- for a project this big, I don't think I could do that. Looking forward to reading more as the A to Z goes on!
    A2ZMommy and What’s In Between

  4. Thanks for visiting me! I hope you enjoy April, it's a lot of fun to allow yourself the freedom to post all sorts of things :)

    I wish you the very best on your journey, both in April and beyond!

  5. Good for you doing this project. So glad you are having fun with it and that you have entered the blogger world!!!