Wednesday, May 2, 2012


As much of a wonderful thing as it is in life to know that people support you and are there for you, you need to make sure you remember to do the same for others. I am so lucky to know that I have so many people around me who truly care about me. However, I can I forget to let them know I feel the same way about them. I am not a mushy person at all so it can be hard for me to be openly express my feelings, but sometimes I know it's important for me to do that.

Right now there are a few people in my life that are dealing with difficult situations. I want to learn to better express to them how I feel about them, without feeling like I'm being too mushy. I have the tendency to approach people's situations and play the devil's advocate because I am more comfortable in that role for whatever reason. Sometimes it can be a good thing, but sometimes it's important to just lend a caring ear and heart. I like to vent so I need to realize other people sometimes want to vent without having to be told to look at the situation differently. A little venting can go a long way. I also feel like it's important when someone you love is going through something difficult to not only talk about that particular thing. Everyone needs a break from life sometimes and when you're dealing with something difficult it can be good to just take a step back and focus on other things.

It seems like we always look at ourselves and think about what we need to change and improve something in order to benefit only ourselves. Although there are things we can change about ourselves that will directly benefit our relationships with others and that's an important thing in life. I want to make sure I am giving 100% of myself to those I care about. I want to be a good friend, family member, sister, mother, wife, etc. and that requires being a good communicator even if it means being "mushy." So if there is someone in your life that could benefit from a kind word, try being that person for them today.


  1. This is a great post. I too am not mushy but my family and friends are the most important thing, and I want to be there for them if I can. Sometimes when a friend is having particular difficulties and I don't necessarily know what to do or say to help, I will just tell them that - I don't know what to do or say. At least then they know I'm wanting to help, I'm just not sure how and I'm there if they need me, even just for a hug.

  2. Enjoyed this! And I totally agree with you! Thanks for stopping by on Hodgepodge. The pacemaker doing great, little sore but not bad. I think the worse part was taking the bandage off... smarted big time! Have a great week!
    until next time... nel