Tuesday, June 26, 2012

You say it's your Birthday...

Well Happy Birthday to you!
Gotta love me some good ole' Beatles' tunes. 

So today was my 25th birthday. Which might come as a surprise to some since I've been rounding my age up since about February. I'm just not one of those people who get all crazy about my age. In my mind growing old is a wonderful thing.... maybe just not too old. I am in no rush to be old, but I am also not afraid of it either. Although tonight on the golf course I promised my Dad that when he got to a pretty ripe old age, I wouldn't treat him like a child how most people do. I over heard some middle aged people talking to an older man like he was a toddler and I thought, "ugh!!!! I hope no one ever talks like that to me!" 

When I think about growing old, I think about all the awesome memories that come with it. I think about all the life lessons I will learn and all the wisdom that will hopefully come my way. I think about growing old with my husband and spending time with the family we created. I think about the strong friendships I will have built and the relationship lessons I will have learned. In my mind age doesn't necessarily mean wisdom, but if you play your cards right it most certainly can mean attaining some wisdom. Just like a good wine, I think people only get better with age. I read an article once that said 33 was the happiest age for most people. I may not be 33 yet, but here's to hoping I will have many good years before then and after! 


  1. Spot on about age related happiness and blahs (especially being old).

    The good news is that I cut 20 years off of my age by changing my birth date. The bad news is now I am too young to drink a glass of wine. lol


  2. Happy Birthday Emily! I love that we both share the same love for the Beatles. Hope you enjoyed my text! I wish you many years of happiness!

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday, Dear Emily!!