Saturday, March 3, 2012

I am Blessed.

I was just blessed to have my first experience with a sick, vomiting child. I won't go into specifics because I know no one wants those details. Walter had a 24 hour stomach bug and woke up at 4 a.m. sick... poor little guy! It's funny to me how little changes from the time you're 1 in regards to how you react to being sick. My little man who wouldn't and/or couldn't sit still to save his life, wanted nothing more than to just sit in my lap. A little whine here and there, but mostly just quiet self pity. After each time he got sick he would follow it up with a, "mama mama" in the most sad pathetic baby voice. That's when I realized that no matter how old I get, I also want my "mama" whenever I am sick. I want her there to comfort me, put a blanket on me, and get me something to drink that will calm my belly. Now obviously that doesn't happen when I am sick, but it doesn't stop me from wanting that. There's nobody in the world that can take care of you like your mother (especially when you're sick).

It was such a special moment for me to realize that I am at a point in my life where I am that person for someone. Everyday since I have had Walter it sinks in a little more that I am a mother and a parent. I am responsible for loving him, taking care of him, teaching him, being there for him, the list just goes on and on. But what a special list that is. Being a parent can be very hard and frustrating at times, but that bond you create with your child by really being a parent, I mean really being a parent... a good one, is just unbelievable. I am lucky to have that relationship with my parents and even beyond that, to have the relationship I have with my in-laws. I often forget that most people aren't blessed to have such wonderful parents, who care about them as much as mine do and that truly love them unconditionally. I just hope that one day Walter will feel that way about myself and my husband. However, just looking at who our role models are, I know we have a pretty good shot.
My sick little man.

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