Friday, February 24, 2012

It's okay to color outside the lines!

He climbed into his laundry basket in the closet
and then he got really angry when he couldn't get back out.
That's the same face I get when I tell him he can't
 unroll the toilet paper...
It's amazing how much can change in 14 short months (although sometimes days feel like years). The significance of 14 months is that it's the age of my sweet baby boy! Slowly, but surely I am coming to the realization that I can't make him do anything he doesn't really want to. I am a planner, so before he came, I had a very specific idea of what kind of mother I was going to be and exactly what things I was going to do to ensure that things went my way. Obviously, I have now realized babies can't be made to fit into a box. My child is stubborn, in the cutest way possible, of course! (and I have no idea where he gets it from...) He's convinced unraveling the toilet paper roll is the most hilarious thing in the whole world, however, it makes me want to unravel at the seams after he's done it 6,798 times in one day. He won't eat unless he has something he can throw from his high chair and then watch mommy pick it up, until she's blue in the face from trying to explain to him that this isn't how meal time works. So what I am really getting at here is that, every day is a new day to give it another go and that I don't need to worry so much about trying to accomplish everything in one day. And everyday is a new day to teach him something new or read him a new book. Each day can be made into whatever you want it to be. If you don't like how today is going, just remember that when you wake up tomorrow you can start fresh. I love this about motherhood! My child makes me smile from ear to ear when he wakes up in the morning and says "BALL!" I'm not kidding you, Walter wakes up every morning with one thing on his mind, he has to get to his toys, get his ball and start playing. If he can wake up with a clean slate every morning and do whatever he wants, why can't I? There isn't any reason I can't. Here's to always growing and changing, until you're where you want to be! :)

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