Sunday, February 26, 2012

Games and Cola

When I send my husband to store by himself, he comes back with as many generic products as possible. And when I say generic I mean... completely generic. Instead of buying pepsi or coke, Justice came home with soda that was simply called COLA. No brand at all, just cola. His reasoning was, "how bad could someone screw up cola?" Well, as it turns out, you can really mess it up.
Although, if we wanted to film a sitcom in our house we could use this can of cola and not have to pay rights to anyone because that's all it says on the can... cola. That's one of my favorite things about sitcoms by the way. And on another note, I want to know who still has their milk in a glass bottle? Why do all the cereal commericals always show a pint of milk in a glass container sitting on the table? That's not real... nobody does that, right? I guess I've just always assumed no one does that, but maybe there are those all-american families out there still doing it like the 50's. Kuddos to you, if you're one of them.

So we had friends over for board games this weekend and it was quite enjoyable. I highly reccomend a game called dicecapades if you enjoy board games. It has a little to offer everyone. You must either do an action (like stack dice on top of one another in a certain time period. I had to do 9 pushups in 30 seconds for one of mine and well, to say the least, justice says I didn't even do 6 real ones.), do something you have to use your brain for (like come up with a sentence that contains all the letters you rolled in 30 seconds. The winning sentence of last night was, Woven cloth goes away sometimes.... which I am aware makes no sense at all.) and lastly, there's trivia. So as you can tell, there's something for everyone. You will definitely laugh if you play this game! So go to the store pick up a generic pack of cola and the game dicecapades and you're in for a rowdy night!

Please note the can of "cola" in the background.

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  1. I've always wished I lived that way–using a pitcher for milk and serving coffee on a tray with fancy cups and a cool carafe–it's somehow more civilized and interesting. Congratulations on the blog, it's really good, you should be proud.