Sunday, February 24, 2013

Welcome Bo!

We welcomed a beautiful little baby boy into the family this past Wednesday. Nooooooo!! Not me, thank goodness! My brother and sister in law welcomed their son Bo into the world and he is a looker, let me tell you! :) I'm so proud of them and so excited to watch them grow as a family.

I've been lucky enough to visit with them twice since they've been home and I've enjoyed every minute of it. I can remember having Walter and feeling like my house was just a revolving door of visitors and being completely overwhelmed. I see it in their eyes when I look at them and remember being them. Exhaustion is a terrible thing, but it also results in getting funny videos of them sucking helium out of balloons at 1 a.m.!!! At least they're remembering to laugh and enjoy one another, right? It made me smile. It is so scary to bring your first child home and you're convinced you're going to kill them any second or at least screw em' up pretty good! I know I remember feeling that way. Haha! Did you all feel that way as well?

I am so happy for them and the beginning of their family. I can't wait to watch the boys grow up together and make wonderful memories you can only make with your cousins. Walter has been so sweet to Bo and told him right away how much he loved him! (It melted my heart right on the spot <3) So... Cheers to the Foreman family, may you be blessed in ways you can't even begin to imagine! Xoxo


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