Sunday, July 22, 2012

Baseball! America's Past Time.

There are few places in this world that immediately make me happy the minute I arrive. A baseball stadium just so happens to be one of those places. From the minute I walk through the big gate and start heading to my seat, I get an overwhelming feeling of joy. I love looking around at all the smiling faces of people who feel the same as I do. I enjoy seeing the families with little children, whose smiling faces could light up even the darkest space.

When you go to a baseball game or really any sporting event, you also walk into a very special community. You could find yourself passing out hugs and high fives to strangers, when on any other day the thought of doing that would be extraordinarily odd. Everyone around you is usually in a good mood and it's a sort of buzz that travels through the crowd like electricity. Where else in the world would you try to get the wave started 47,000 times and not be the least bit frustrated that it didn't make it much further than a couple sections next to you? 
"Hang On Sloopy...Sloopy Hang On"... O-H-I-O

I was lucky enough to make it to my first baseball game of the season. We were celebrating my friends 21st birthday at the Indians vs. Orioles game. The Indians didn't win, but that's okay I'm a Reds fan anyway. After the game there were fireworks, which are always a good time... but tonight they were extra awesome because they went along with Beatles music. Which, as I have said before, is my favorite band of ALL time! What more could a girl ask for on a Saturday night? Nothing.

I love when they wear the Red hat and socks combo!

Feeling Blessed.


  1. I enjoy pro baseball as well. I went to the old Cleveland Municipal stadium many times back in the day. Unlike you, I prefer the Indians over the Reds, and that's only because I like the Padres (bad team right now) in the NL.

    The only baseball I see in Manila is on ESPN live at 7:05 a.m. my time. lol

    Since I am in Toronto for the next few weeks, I plan on catching a game or two.

    Cheers! Have to go hit a writing homerun.

  2. I love the Padres. Emily your photos turned out wonderful. So proud of you! Wish we could have sat together. I now understand fully your left field theory, your pictures are enough proof. Next time... loved the post! Start blogging more...your lag time in between kills me!

  3. Very nice photos. Crisp and clear as well as artistic.

  4. i used to go with my girlfriend and her dad all the time when i was little---i haven't been in years--nice pics :)

  5. I'm a baseball fan as well and I'm having such fun cheering on the Reds this summer! I've never been to Cleveland stadium but it looks awesome, great pics. I love the Hang on Sloopy OH-IO, how fun! :)